Family owned and operated - Unlike some corporations where you never meet the owner, the Gile family welcomes your opinion. That is why we have red phones throughout each dealership where you can express your concerns to the owner. We have an open door policy and want you to share your ideas, some of the best ideas come from our work force!

We Embrace a green energy movement - Solar panels, free bike rentals, carbon neutral oil changes, recycled water in our car washes

The best part about this is we were able to do this without losing focus on that we still needed to keep our prices competitive with independent garages and other dealers. When you really care, it shows in everything you do. We owe it to our families to build a better tomorrow for everyone.

Build the Career that's perfect for you - We are looking for dedicated individuals that want to make a difference! Whatever career path you choose, there is always room for advancement!

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